Sets the video attributes of the specified field.

fieldvideo  Field,AttributeList


Parameter Data Type Description


Literal name of the field where the video properties are set, or a string, variable, function or parameter that evaluates to the name. If omitted, the current field is used.


If AttributeList is omitted, DEF is assumed. One of:

  • DEF, to set the default video attributes for the current occurrence. (The default video attributes are determined by the assignment setting $DEF_CUROCC_VIDEO.)
  • NON—set no special video attributes for the current occurrence. (In character mode, this means that fields, which appear in inverse by default, appear in normal video; this can create a sort of highlighting effect.)
  • One or more video attributes, separated by commas (,).

Return Values



Use in Form and Report components.


The fieldvideo statement dynamically sets the video attributes of Field for the current occurrence. You can use color coding to highlight dangerous or slow choices, or to highlight fields which contain data that requires urgent processing.

To set the video properties as data is read, place the fieldvideo statement for the field after the read statement in the read trigger.

The structure editor function ^CLEAR also resets the field video attributes. Since the structure editor function ^RETRIEVE carries out an implicit ^CLEAR, this also resets field video attributes.

Note:  Video attributes set with the fieldvideo instruction override the attributes set by the $ACTIVE_FIELD assignment setting.

Video attributes

Video Attribute Codes
Attribute Code Description
BLI Blinking
BOR Border
BRI Bright
HLT Use system highlight color.

Note: This attribute always takes precedence over other video attributes that may be specified.

INV Inverse
UND Underline
COL= n Set color to color code n, the sum of the color numbers for foreground and background.

Using fieldvideo

The following example loops through all the occurrences to find whether the name the user entered exists. If it does not, the fieldvideo statement is used to highlight the incorrect name. F2. E1 is a character string field containing a name.

; field : NAMEDUMMY.E1
trigger Detail
if (F2.E1 != NAMEDUMMY)
   $curOcc$ = $curocc
   $name$ = NAMEDUMMY
   $counter$ = 1
      setocc "E1",$counter$
      $counter$ = ($counter$ + 1)
   until ((F2.E1 = $name$) | ($status < 0))
   if ($status < 0)
      message "%%$name$ not available."
      setocc "E1",$curOcc$
      fieldvideo NAMEDUMMY, "BRI,UND,BLI"
      $prompt = NAMEDUMMY.E1
      return (0)
$prompt = F2.E2
end ; Detail

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