Explicitly calls a detail, help, menu, or an interactive trigger on a field.

callfieldtrigger  TriggerName,  FieldName

Example: callfieldtrigger "detail", FIELD1


Parameter Data Type Values Description
TriggerName String detail, help, menu, or the name of a field-level interactive trigger that has no parameters. Field-level trigger to call
FieldName String   Field of the trigger to be called

Return Values

Values Returned in $status




Success. Value returned by the trigger.


An error occurred. $procerror contains the exact error.

Values of $procerror Commonly Returned by calltrigger
Value Error Constant Meaning
-1101 <PROCERR_FIELD> Specified field does not exist
-1120 <PROCERROR_OPERATION> Specified trigger does not exist on field level or on entity level
-1123 <PROCERR_NPARAMETERS> Specified trigger has one or more parameters


Allowed in all component types.


The callfieldtrigger statement explicitly calls the named trigger for the specified field. Only triggers that have no implicit processing can be called.

If the trigger is not defined at field level, the callfieldtrigger statement falls back to the same trigger on entity level. For the menu trigger, it can also fall back to the component- or application-level trigger.

For some DSP widgets it is possible for the user to trigger an event, such as onclick, ondblclick, onblur, and so on. DSP widgets can use these to a call a trigger on the field to which the widget is bound.

Version Change
9.4.01 Introduced

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