$ude ("lookup")

Returns a list of resources (compiled runtime objects), symbol tables, or script listing.

$ude("lookup", "Type;ResourceType",ResourceProfile, "" {, OptionList})

Example: vResourceList=$ude("lookup","resources_output;message", "generror","","library=MyLib;language=fr")


Parameter Data Type Description
Type String Type of information; one of:
  • resources_output to check for compiled runtime objects
  • symbolTable to check for symbol tables
  • listing to check for ProcScript listings
ResourceType String

Type of compiled runtime object. See Resource Types.

ResourceProfile String Resource name or retrieve profile for one or more objects of the Resource type
OptionList String Associative Uniface list containing one or more options that are appropriate to the operation or the ResourceType. See Options.


If the ResourceType is a global object, you must also specify the language and library (and class for a glyph). The OptionList is an associative list containing at least one option and value. Use Gold ; when specifying multiple options.

Option Description
library=LibraryName Mandatory if ResourceType is a global object.
language=Language Mandatory if ResourceType is message | glyph | format | menu
class=Class Mandatory if ResourceType is glyph. Specifies the size and GUI platform.
model=EntityModel Specify the model if ResourceType is entity_descriptor.

Return Values

  • ResourceList—list of existing resources, in which each item consists of a sub-list that specifies the resource in the following format:


    For example:


    Note: When resource type is entity_descriptor, the LIBRARY item contains the model name.

    Not all items are used by all resources (see Options)

  • 0—specified object does not exist.


Use $ude ("lookup") to get a list of existing resources (runtime objects), symbol tables, or script listings.

Resource Types

Use Gold separators in specifying specific types of resources. Depending on the type, you may need to specify additional options.

Supported Resource Types
Resource Type Syntax   Applies To
Resource Symbol Table ProcScript Listing
Application shells application
Signatures signature










component --
Global variables variables    
Global ProcScript proc
Menus, menu bars, and menu items menu
Panels panel  
Messages and help texts message    
Glyphs glyph    
Drag and drop formats format    
Entity descriptor entity_descriptor    
DTD dtd    
Device translation table device_table    
Translation tables translation_table    

Example: Return a List of Existing Global Objects

When getting global objects, you must specify the library, as well as the language for messages:

vResult=$ude("lookup","resources_output;message", "generror","","library=MyLib;language=usa")
vResult=$ude("lookup","symboltable;message", "generror","","library=MyLib")
vResult=$ude("lookup","listing;proc", "message","","library=MyLib")
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