For the trigger that is currently being executed, call that same trigger one level up in the hierarchy. If the trigger is not defined one level up, then the next available level up is called (if applicable).


Example: return $callup

Return Values

Values returned in $status
Value Meaning
NumericValue The return value from the trigger that was executed one level up.


This function is only allowed in triggers that can call up to the same trigger at a higher level:

  • detail trigger of Field
  • help trigger of Field
  • menu trigger of Field, Entity, or Component
  • receiveMessage trigger of Component
  • pulldown trigger of Component

It is not allowed at the most generic level of these triggers, thus not in:

  • detail trigger of Entity
  • help trigger of Entity
  • menu trigger of Application Shell
  • receiveMessage trigger of Application Shell
  • pulldown trigger of Application Shell


Use the $callup function to call the same trigger at the next level up in the call-up hierarchy , or the next available level up, if applicable.

Call-up Hierarchy

Callup hierarchy for triggers that support the $callup function


Upon return from a $callup call, the value of $status is whatever it was at the moment the called-up trigger returned.

Using $callup

The following example shows how the $callup function can be used to call the entity-level detail trigger from a field-level detail trigger:

; The Script container of field FLD.ENT.MDL
trigger detail
    string vStatus
  putmess "This is the field-level detail trigger"
  vStatus = $callup
  putmess "vStatus is %%(vStatus), $status = %%($status)"
; The Occurrence Script container of entity ENT.MDL
trigger detail
  putmess "This is the entity-level detail trigger"
  $status = 321
  return 123

When the detail trigger of FLD.ENT is activated, the message frame will contain this output:

This is the field-level detail trigger
This is the entity-level detail trigger
vStatus is 123, $status = 321
Version Change
9.7.03.G302, 10.01.01.F102 Introduced

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