Exporting WSDL and Schema Files for Web Services Call-In

The WSDL export facility creates WSDL and XSD files from Uniface signatures. These files are used by Web service requesters to call the Web service.

The functionality of the WSDL export facility is provided by the command line switch:

/sto /mwr=ws ServiceName

It generates a corresponding WSDL file in the project directory. The name of the WSDL file is ServiceName with the suffix dlw, for example, ServiceNamedlw.wsdl.

If complex data types such as Uniface Entity and Occurrence data types are used in the Uniface service, it also generates XSD files (XML Schema Definition) for each complex data type used in the Web service.

The binding style of the generated files is Document/Literal Wrapped. If they need to be in the RPC/Encoded binding style, use the /rpcencoded subswitch:

/sto /mwr=ws /rpcencoded ServiceName

Uniface data types in the signature are mapped into XML schema data types in the WSDL and XSD files. For more information, see Data Type Mapping for Web Service Call-In.

For deployment, put the generated WSDL and XSD files in the directory WebServerDir\webapps\uniface\WEB-INF\wsdl, for example, UnifaceInsDir\tomcat\webapps\uniface\WEB-INF\wsdl.

The XSD files are referenced in the WSDL file. The references use relative paths, so the generated WSDL and XSD files must be kept together and not put in separate directories.

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