Enable DDE Support

Uniface DDE support requires the udde.dll to be loaded when Uniface starts.

To enable DDE support:

  1. Set the DDE setting in the [udde] section of your .ini file to On.
  2. Edit the application's assignment file to add the appropriate module to the [USER_3GL] section. Use the /preload setting. For example:
    usyscom:\bin\udde.dll /preload 
  3. Create a signature for the UDDE component. For more information, see Define a Component Signature.

    1. Choose More Editors > Signature.
    2. Set the Implementation to C and define the operations with no parameters.

      Signature Editor showing UDDE signature including operations

    3. Edit the details of each operation to remove the ComponentName prefix that Uniface automatically adds to the Literal Name of C implementations.

      Signature Operations editor showing details of uddeExecute

    4. Save and compile the signature.

Once UDDE is enabled, you can use Uniface as a UDDE client or server.

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