Install DLM on iSeries

Uniface makes use of the Sentinel Rights Management System (RMS) for its license management, but existing Uniface Enterprise Edition users may continue to use the Distributed License Manager (DLM) to handle licensing of Uniface 10.3.03.

You must install Uniface DLM before you can install Uniface. If you already have DLM installed as part of a previous installation of Uniface you can use that installation and proceed to Configure a DLM License on iSeries or Install Uniface on iSeries .

  1. Start the DLM installer.
    • If you have chosen the virtual optical drive method, start the DLM installer with the following CL command:

      where OPTVIRT is the virtual optical device name. Replace OPTVIRT with the actual name of your virtual optical device.

    • If you have restored the installer into QTEMP yourself, start the DLM installer with the following CL command:
      CALL PGM(QTEMP/AS400INS) PARM('src=/uniface/dlm')

      where the location of the extracted distribution in the IFS is /uniface and that your installation code is AS3.

  2. When prompted by the installer, specify the library in which to install the executables, and an IFS location in which to install DLM configuration files.

    If you are going to run the DLM server, it will expect its license files under this IFS directory, in the sub-directory license.

    Log files produced by the server will be stored in the sub-directory logging.

Note: In subsequent steps, we assume you have chosen DLM as the library name and /DLM as the IFS directory where DLM is installed.

For more information, on installing and configuring DLM on iSeries, see the Uniface DLM Installation and Configuration Guide (DLMInstall.pdf).

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