Redundant RMS License Manager Pool

A redundant RMS License Manager pool allows you to configure backup Sentinel RMS servers as a fail-over in case a license server goes down. When one RMS License Manager goes down, the remaining RMS License Managers are able to take over to prevent downtime and ensure a license can always be checked out by your Uniface application.

When a redundant RMS License Manger pool consist of three or more license servers, Majority Rule is applied. This ensures that half of the RMS License Managers are running at all times. If the majority of RMS License Managers are not online, a license request will fail. For example, if you have three RMS License Managers, two must be active.

A redundant RMS License Manager pool can be configured on Windows and Unix, either exclusively on the same operating systems, or mixed operating systems. All RMS License Managers must use the same RMS version.

To set up a redundant RMS License Manager pool, you need a Sentinel on-premises served network license with the redundant RMS feature. Your Entitlement ID determines how many redundant RMS License Managers you can have in your pool. To change the number of redundant RMS License Managers, contact your Uniface representative.

The Entitlement ID you are given allows you to access the Sentinel EMS portal , where you can lock your license to the machines you will run on the RMS License Managers on, and obtain the actual license file.