Resource Browser

Every standard editor has a Resource Browser that enables you to find the resources such as templates, objects, and snippets, that you want to use in the current context. You use these resources to create and insert new objects and to help you write code.

The resources that are available depend on the current editor and worksheet. For example:

  • In the Project Editor, there is only one worksheet and its Resource Browser has tabs which list:
    • Templates for creating new main development objects
    • Modeled components for creating derived components
    • Existing main development objects that can be added to the project
    • Imported database table definitions for creating new modeled entities
  • In the Entity Editor, the Resource Browser of each worksheet lists different resources. In the Define Structure worksheet, it lists templates for creating fields and subtype entities, but in the Define Relationships worksheet it lists modeled entities so you can choose the one with which to create a new relationship.
  • In the Component Editor, the Define Structure worksheet provides templates for non-database objects, and modeled entities and fields for creating derived objects in your new component.
  • In the Write Script worksheet of the Entity Editor, Component Editor and the Library editors, it lists the contents of snippet libraries, so that you can copy and paste code snippets into your script modules or layout.

You can search and filter the contents of the Resource Browser by entering text in its U-Bar or using its context menu, and select an object to copy or insert it in the worksheet editor, either by dragging and dropping it or by using the context menu.

Templates Tab in the Resource Browser of the Project Editor

Resource Browser of Project Editor

  1.  Tabs show different categories of objects that you can select and use.
  2.  Some tabs contain a U-Bar in the Resource Browser that enables you to browse and select specific objects.