Tab Strip Image (TabStripImage)

The Tab Strip Image widget property specifies an image that can be used as a background for the complete horizontal tab strip.

"TabStripImage=@ImageFile or ^GlyphName"


Dynamic? Yes
Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: Applicable only for single line, horizontal tab strips, and Default Image must be defined.


When an image is defined for Tab Strip Image, it is automatically expanded to fit the complete width of the tab widget.

You can set the Tab Strip Image property to ensure a consistent background for the whole strip when Default Image is a transparent image, or when tabs are transparent images and the selected one has a color.

Using in ProcScript

You can use $properties or $fieldproperties to set or get the property and its value. For more information, see $properties and $fieldproperties.

$fieldproperties(FLD) = "TabStripImage=@bluegradient.png"

Effect of Tab Strip Image

If no image is defined for Tab Strip Image, the background of the tab strip (in the red block) follows the Windows theme:

No Tab Strip Image

No Tab Strip Image

In the following illustration, the same image is defined for both the Default Image and the Tab Strip Image.

Tab Strip Image Defined

Tab Strip Image Defined

Applies To

utabex (TabEx)

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