Tab Height (TabHeight)

Height of all tabs in the widget, in character cells.

"TabHeight=0 | DecimalNumber"

Value Description
DecimalNumber Height in character cells; can be expressed as a decimal fraction, for example .7 or 2.5.
0 (default) Height of each tab is based on the height of the Default Image, if defined, or the height of the label. If the total widget height is smaller than the tab height, the widget height is used.


Dynamic? Yes
Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: None


Use this property only if the tab height does fit the selected font and you want the height to be smaller or larger than the cell height.

Using in ProcScript

You can use $properties or $fieldproperties to set or get the property and its value. For more information, see $properties and $fieldproperties.

$fieldproperties(FLD) = "TabHeight=1.5"

Applies To

utabex (TabEx)