Determines whether Windows multiple selection conventions can be used in a list widget. True or False (default).




The user can select multiple items using Windows multi-select conventions:

  • To select multiple items individually, hold the [Ctrl] key down and click each item to be selected

  • To select a contiguous group of items, hold the [Shift] key down and select the first item, then the last item.


The user can select multiple items by clicking an item. Each clicked item is added to the selection, or removed if it was already selected.


To control the minimum and maximum number of items that can be selected, do one or both of the following:

  • Set the Field Syntax to REP, for example REP(1-5) (minimum is 1, maximum is 5)

  • Set the Field Interface to use subfields, for example VC5(50) (total length of the selected items must fit in the field length)

Although it is possible for the user to choose multiple items, if more than the allowed maximum number of items is selected, when leaving the field, the user will get the following error:

Error 0130 - Error on field
		<FldName>; too many subfields specified.

Using in ProcScript

This is a static property. It cannot be set in ProcScript.

Applies To

ulistbox (ListBox )