Use Field Value (UseFieldValue)

Determines whether the widget uses the field value to render the content in the widget (True), or whether the contents can be changed in ProcScript without affecting the field value (False).

"UseFieldValue=True | False"

Value Description
True (default) Use field value
False Use value supplied by widget operation loadHTML or loadURL


Dynamic? Yes
Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: None


The HTML widget can display the value of the field, or it can show the contents loaded by one of its predefined operations.

If you are using $widgetoperation to call the loadHTML or loadURL widget operation, it is usually not desirable to have the HTML widget respond to changes in the field value. In this case, set Use Field Value to false.

Using in ProcScript

You can use $properties or $fieldproperties to set or get the property and its value. For more information, see $properties and $fieldproperties.

$fieldproperties(FLD) = "UseFieldValue=False"

Loading Content Without Changing the Value

You can use the loadHTML and loadURL widget operations to change the widget content. For example:

$fieldproperties(F_HTML) = "UseFieldValue=false"

$fieldhandle(F_HTML)->$widgetoperation("loadHTML", "<html>some text</html>")  
; or 
; $fieldhandle(F_HTML)->$widgetoperation("loadURL","")

Applies To

uhtml (HTML Widget)