Edit Delay (EditDelay)

Determines whether the onEdit extended trigger is fired after a delay of 200 milliseconds, or after every change the user makes to the value of the edit box. By default, it is True which applies a delay.

"EditDelay=True | False"

Value Description
True The onEdit trigger is fired 200 milliseconds after the end-user starts modifying the field content, or after the previous time the trigger was fired.
False The onEdit trigger is fired each time the user changes the content of the field in some way—by adding or removing a character, or by pasting and cutting content.

Caution: If you are using the onEdit trigger to implement incremental search functionality, this can degrade performance because the database is queried after each character is entered.


Dynamic? Yes
Supported in Grid? Yes
Dependencies: OnEdit property

Using in ProcScript

You can use $properties or $fieldproperties to set or get the property and its value. For more information, see $properties and $fieldproperties.

$fieldproperties(FLD) = "EditDelay=False"

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