Hover View (HoverView)

This property determines whether the contents of a field are displayed in a tool tip when the cursor is positioned over the field.

HoverView=False | True

The size and duration of the tooltip can be configured in usys.ini:

tooltip = utooltip(maxwidth=Pixels;duration=Seconds)
Value Description
True Displays the contents of a Picture or Edit Box widget when the cursor hovers over the field.
False (default) No effect.


Dynamic? Yes
Supported in Grid? Yes
Dependencies: Not applicable if ToolTipText=True


The Hover View property is especially useful when used in a grid or multi-occurrence list that contains fields that cannot be completely displayed.

When set to True:

  • In an Edit Box widget, the field contents start to wrap when the maxwidth has been reached. The height of the field is automatically adjusted to fit the text.
  • In a Picture widget, the resulting tool tip displays the complete image in a window that has the same aspect ratio as the image.

Tip: The Hover View property is not recommended for fields that contain a lot of data. In this case, it may be better to use the Tool Tip Text property, which is limited to 1024 bytes. If both properties are set, the Tool Tip Text is used.

Setting in ProcScript

$fieldproperties(FLD1) = "hoverview=true"

Configuring Hover View

To control the size of tool tips and how long they are displayed, set properties for tooltip in the [application] section of the usys.ini file. For example:

tooltip = utooltip(maxwidth=200;duration=5)

This sets the width of the tooltip to 200 pixels and displays the tooltip after the cursor has hovered over a field for 5 seconds.

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