Position of the top of the form in relation to the application window, in character cells.


This property influences the position of a form at runtime, but the actual position may be set in ProcScript.

Note: To have Windows handle positioning, set both Top and Left to 0 for all forms. When multiple forms are displayed, Windows stacks them in an offset cascade, with each form displayed one position below and to the right of the previous form. If there are too many open forms, the stack continues to the bottom of the application window and begins again at top left position.

For more information, see Form Size and Position .

Setting in ProcScript

For form components, it is possible to define the geometry (size and position) as pixels in ProcScript:

  • When creating a new component instance by setting the Dimension property. For more information, see Dimension and newinstance.
  • Dynamically by explicitly setting $windowproperties to the desired position and dimensions. For more information, see $windowproperties.

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