Height of the form or report, in character cells. In the Layout Editor, this is represented by a blue dashed line.


This property does not show the size required for everything to fit.

For report components, data is expanded, and wrapped according to the horizontal size of the fields defined in the report.

For form components, the property influences the size of a form at runtime, but the actual size depends on a number of factors such as the geometry set in ProcScript and the value of Font0 in the initialization file.

For more information, see Form Size and Position .

Setting in ProcScript

For form components, it is possible to define the geometry (size and position) as pixels in ProcScript:

  • When creating a new component instance by setting the Dimension property. For more information, see Dimension and newinstance.
  • Dynamically by explicitly setting $windowproperties to the desired position and dimensions. For more information, see $windowproperties.

Note: The Height and Width canvas properties do not take into account the size of panel and/or menus, whereas $windowproperties does.

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