Unifields are field representations for displaying and entering data in character mode. They also work in Windows, but support only basic video attributes (bright, underline, inverse, and blink). They do not support proportional fonts or other properties.

In character mode, EditBox widgets are automatically mapped to Unifields.

In Windows applications, Unifields can be used to improve performance in components with several hundred fields, because they do not require Microsoft Windows resources.

Many GOLD key combinations and text editing functions are recognized only in Unifields.

If you use split bars in a component with Unifields, it is possible to edit the Unifields, but layout changes made with the split bars are not applied to the Unifields.

Supported Triggers

Unifields can activate the following triggers:

ProcScript for Unifields

The following functions are available only in Unifields.

Configuring Unifields

The following assignment settings can be used to configure the use of Unifields:

  • $NO_UNIFIELDS replaces all Unifields with edit boxes. Use this assignment setting when using languages where characters are primarily read right to left, such as Hebrew or Arabic, or when using language-specific entries in ProcScript.
  • $PROFILE_VIDEO sets the video attributes for profile characters that appear in Unifields.
  • $UNIFIELD_NO_CR_KTT specifies that the CR character (Enter key) does not go through the keyboard translation table.

Video Definitions

The following video attributes are available:

Note: In Windows, Unifield video definitions can produce unpredictable results.