Area Frames for Printing

In reports, area frames can be used to add and protect text as part of an entity in Report components.

When an area frame encloses an entity and has the same name as the entity, the entity and any other text that is enclosed by the area frame is treated as a single unit for printing purposes. This enables you to:

  • Suppress the complete contents of the named area frame if, for example, the enclosed entity contains no data.
  • Provide column titles that are treated as part of the entity, but are not repeated with every occurrence.

    Note:  When printing flows over onto another page, the contents of the area frame enclosing the entity is not repeated. To repeat this information on a following page, you must use a break frame.

This behavior is applicable only when the following rules are applied:

  • The area frame is given the same name as an entity it encloses.
  • The named area frame cannot enclose multiple down (many) entities. There is no limit to the number of up (one) entities it may contain.

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