Using Transparent Hyperlinks as Labels

If you need to change the text of labels dynamically, you can consider using transparent hyperlinks instead of labels. Because hyperlinks are fields, they can be manipulated in ProcScript.

Note:  This technique is not applicable to Grid widgets, which map Hyperlink widgets to Text HTML controls.

  1. Create a field and set the Widget Type to Hyperlink.
  2. Edit the widget properties as follows:
    Widget Fontdefault label font (usually label)Ensures that all labels have the same font.
    TransparencySelected (True)Prevents the widget from indicating focus (a dotted line around it).
    HyperlinkFalseDisables the detail trigger activation (and the beep sound issued if the trigger is empty), as well as the appearance of the hand cursor for mouse-over.
  3. In ProcScript, assign a value to the field.
    FIELD1 = "Organization"

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