Manage included fields (field lists) as in Uniface V7.



Assignment file: ide.asn
Section: [SETTINGS]
Default value: None


If the Field List property of a component entity is set to Automatic, the $V7_INCLUDE_FIELDS assignment file setting causes Uniface to manage the fields as in V7, which is, at run time, to automatically include in the field list the following:

  • Foreign key fields
  • Fields for which the ‘consecutive rule’ applies

    Given two included fields, X and Y (automatically included because they are referenced in ProcScript or painted on the component), if there are fewer than 5 other fields between X and Y that would not normally be included, they are included as well. Otherwise they are excluded, which is the default behavior in Uniface V8.

You must explicitly include the $V7_INCLUDE_FIELDS setting in your assignment file for it to take effect. If you omit it or set it to 0, the default V8 functionality applies.

The $V7_INCLUDE_FIELDS setting is meaningful only in the Uniface Development Environment. It has no effect in the Uniface runtime environment.

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