Set the video attributes for the active field.

$ACTIVE_FIELD {=} Attribute {,Attribute,...}


Attribute—video attribute code. When combining video attributes, you can optionally enclose them in parentheses; for example:

Video Attribute Codes
Attribute Code Description
BLI Blinking
BOR Border
BRI Bright
HLT Use system highlight color.

Note: This attribute always takes precedence over other video attributes that may be specified.

INV Inverse
UND Underline
COL= n Set color to color code n, the sum of the color numbers for foreground and background.


Assignment file: client assignment files
Section: [SETTINGS]
Default value: None


The video attributes defined with $ACTIVE_FIELD are enabled only for fields whose Cursor Video property is selected.

The attributes set with $ACTIVE_FIELD take precedence over those set with $DEF_CUROCC_VIDEO and $CUROCC_VIDEO.

Note:  By default, video attributes set with the ProcScript instruction $fieldvideo or fieldvideo override the attributes set by $ACTIVE_FIELD. To have $ACTIVE_FIELD take precedence, set the $ACTIVE_FIELD_FIRST assignment setting to true.


To highlight the active field with the system highlight color, use the HLT attribute:


To make the active field appear with white letters on a blue background, determine the color number by adding 56 (white foreground) and 1 (blue background):


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