USYS Path Logicals

USYS path logicals can be used in assignment files and ProcScript to direct files to specific locations, without having to explicitly specify the complete path each time.

USYS Path Logicals
Logical Description
USYSINS: Full path specification of the Uniface installation directory, for example: D:\Uniface\Uniface 10.3.
USYS: Full path specification of the USYSINS:\common\usys (Uniface system) directory for the application.
USYSUNIFACE: Full path specification of the USYSINS:\uniface product directory, which contains the Uniface application files.
USYSADM: Full path specification of the \adm directory containing assignment and initialization files. Both the \common and \uniface subdirectories contain an \adm directory.
USYSBIN: Full path specification of the USYSINS:\common\bin directory containing executables and libraries.
USYSLOG: Full path specification to the USYSINS:\common\log directory.
USYSLIC: Full path to the location of the license file and the cloud configuration file for Sentinel.
USYSxxx: User-defined logical to define a specific directory for a Uniface application, for example, USYSMYFILES.

With the exception of user-defined USYSxxx, the values of these logicals are automatically set during the installation process. The logicals can be defined and set in the [paths] section of usys.ini, or environment variables for all platforms. However, the way in which the installer defines and sets the logicals by default depends on the platform:

  • Windows—settings in the [paths] section of usys.ini
  • Unix and Linux—environment variables
  • iSeries—settings in the [paths] section of usys.ini

USYS path logicals make it easier to redirect files, because the exact path need only be specified once. Files can then be directed to a location relative to that path by referencing the logical.

For example, the usys.ini file specifies the following logicals:


In the ide.asn, the location of the Uniface documentation file ulibrary.chm is specified via the usysuniface path:

ulibrary.chm      usysuniface:doc\ulibrary.chm

Note: If you change USYSLIC to point to a different folder and you are using a cloud-served license, you must start the Uniface License Management utility with a user account that has permission to access that folder to successfully renew your license. All Uniface Server users must also have write access to that folder and its files, otherwise the Uniface Server cannot renew the cloud-served license and an error is produced.

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