Data Access Tier

The data access tier provides access to the databases and storage devices used by a multi-tier application. It is responsible for retrieving data and transforming it into a suitable format for the rest of the application.

In Uniface, physical database structures such as tables, columns, and relationships are captured in modeled objects (entities, fields, keys, relationships).

DBMS connectors encapsulate the physical data access, providing the interface between Uniface and the database.

The data-access tier passes data to the business logic tier using a standard data interchange format. This hides the complexity of the data storage medium from the business and presentation tiers. As a result, Uniface is platform- and location independent.

Uniface provides comprehensive support for a wide range of databases and distributed architectures. The Uniface infrastructure of database drivers combined with the Uniface Router provides a complete data tier for Uniface applications.

Uniface Data Access Tier

Uniface Data Access Tier

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