Specify the name of the Java package into which /sto should generate Java source files for Java call-in.


Used With



When you use /sto to generate Java files for Java call-in, you can use this subswitch to specify the full name of the Java package to contain the Java source files, for example:

/sto /lan=jav /pkg=bank.account ...

Note that the default behavior of /sto /lan=jav ... is to create Java packages (directories) named after the Uniface subsystems (except the subsystem Default) in which the Uniface signatures occur. If you also use the /pkg=JavaPackage subswitch, these subsystem package directories will be created under the JavaPackage directory.

Assuming the signatures FData and MData occur in subsystems Father and Mother, respectively, the following command line creates Java source files in the directories work\family\Father and work\family\Mother:

/sto /lan=jav /pth=work /pkg=family ExportFile FData MData