Specify the assignment file used by the application.


Use With

All Uniface applications, including:

  • ide.exe—Uniface IDE
  • urouter—Uniface Router
  • userver—Uniface Server
  • udebug—Uniface Debugger
  • urm—Uniface Resource Manager
  • User applications


Run the application using assignments from FileName.

The file specified with the /asn switch overrides both the assignment file entry for the application shell and the default assignment file, named Application.asn.

If Path is omitted, the /asn switch should be preceded by the /adm switch to specify the location of the assignment file.

Uniface begins by searching for a file named FileName, exactly as entered on the command line, then in lowercase characters and, finally, in uppercase. If no file is found and FileName does not contain an extension, the extension .asn is added and the search is repeated.

If you use the /asn switch to specify an assignment file with the same name as the application shell (that is, Shell.asn), you should be sure to include the extension .asn. Otherwise, Uniface will find the application shell Shell and try to use that as an assignment file.

Example: /asn

In the following example, assignments are located in a file named another.asn in the current directory:


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