Request for Un-Restriction

Each System ID is licensed for use on one machine. Software can, however, be moved from one machine to another (as a replacement). If a change is detected in your hardware, your license will become restricted and you will only receive 2-week temporary authorization codes.

Newer D3 releases provide a 'Deactivation' feature which can be used to remove the permanent authorization from your existing machine, which then allows replacement machine to be authorized permanently. Older releases need to be reauthorized with temporary codes manually and screen shot of 'which cad' and 'maxusers' output provided to Rocket D3 support for license release. mvBase users should submit screen shot of Authorization screen which will reflect expiration date once temporary codes are applied. Screen shot submissions should be sent to

If, due to hardware failure, you are unable to remove the permanent authorization from a machine as outlined above, please email us. Be sure to include your license and contact information with as much detail as possible about the previous machine's status. All such requests must be submitted by an affiliate of the licensed site. Verbal requests are not accepted.

Rocket Software encourages the use of 'on-request' temporary authorizations (available to all registered customers from our web site) for testing purposes, such as hardware and installation testing, and/or disaster recovery plan testing. On-request temporary authorizations WILL NOT impact a system's restriction status, leaving the license clear for unlimited permanent reauthorizations of the licensed primary machine.