RSA SecurID Token Authentication

BlueZone provides built-in support for RSA’s SecurID Token Authentication.  To enable this feature, BlueZone must be used with the BlueZone Security Server and have Secure Sockets Layer enabled.  No additional configuration is necessary in BlueZone.  When BlueZone connects to the Security Server port, secured using SecurID, the end user is presented with the appropriate SecurID dialog.  The end user enters their user ID and token generated passcode.  This is sent to the Security Server which in turn authenticates to the SecurID Ace Server.  If authenticated, the end user is passed through to the host session.  If the authentication fails, the connection is closed by the Security Server.  All SecurID tokens and token modes are supported.

SEE  BlueZone Security Server Administrator's Guide for more information about configuring for SecurID Authentication.

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