Using the Display Interface

Using Cut, Copy and Paste

Cutting Text to the Clipboard

With BlueZone, users have the ability to remove session text from the display session and paste it onto the Windows Clipboard. The Clipboard text can then be pasted back into another screen of the display session or into another Windows application. To cut session text to the clipboard:

    1. Hold down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse pointer over the desired text; or, use the keyboard select functions: Left, Up, Right, Down, All.

    2. Once the desired text is selected, release the left mouse button.

    3. From the BlueZone MenuBar select Edit, Cut.

    1. Use the Clipboard Viewer application that comes with Windows.

    2. To view the text in the correct context make sure the Display, OEM Text option is enabled in the Clipboard Viewer.

NOTE  When using Edit, Cut to remove session text, only unprotected input data will be cut to the clipboard. Also, The Edit, Cut operation always functions as if Copy with Columns Aligned is enabled. For additional information, see Edit Property Sheet below in related topics.

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